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Let's see how will be for saving cats and dogs!

Ringo Land has a whole package of benefits and services when it comes to a new animal in the shelter,

When a puppy or a kitten enters the gates of the Ringo Land shelter, there is a protocol/procedur that must be respected:


1. Medical rehabilitation - The first thing a pet goes through when it arrives at the shelter is the medical examination.

Each pet is consulted by our veterinary technician. Mandatory medical aspects for shelter animals: rabies vaccine, internal/external deworming and sterilization.


2. Behavioral rehabilitation - Behavioral rehabilitation is carried out through a training program. At Ringo Land, we have two trainers on two levels, with packages of 10 training sessions with the possibility of extension, with videos and photos of each session.

Our two trainers are: Andreea (advanced), works with anxious/difficult dogs and Diana (beginner), works with cooperative dogs.


3. Promotion - After a dog goes through the rehabilitation process, it will be promoted by us to find an adopter.

The promotion is carried out on all our social media platforms: facebook, instagram, tiktok through video montages, reels and photos.


4. Placement for adoption - When a pet has a request for adoption, we take care of all the necessary documents so that everything is in order from a legal point of view. The animal will leave from our shelter with a health card and a passport (if it is necessary to travel) and with all vaccinations up to date.

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