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Educational activity in Ringo Land Romania

Yesterday, 23.04.2024, Ringo Land shelter, managed by NGO No Limit Pets, had guests during the Green Week activities held by "Mihai Dragan" Bacau Secondary School. Thus, the students of class VI-D, coordinated by the headmistress, Dallia Gherasa, chose to spend a day in nature with loving animals.

Thank you to the headmistress for the initiative and to all the parents for their trust in leaving their children at our shelter RINGO LAND.

The children behaved in an exemplary way, they showed responsibility and love towards dogs and cats. 🙂

During the visit, the children:

- played team games;

- were instructed by our trainers on how to approach and interact with an unknown dog;

- they attended mini training sessions that we do with these dogs rescued from the streets and from public shelters (that we rehabilitate medically and behaviourally) with the aim of placing them for adoption;

- played with puppies and kittens of all sizes, colours and breeds;

- were informed about the basic training of a puppy by our veterinary technician;

- they took pictures with little Amy and Malina, sweet Gina, Bambi and Shiny, Great Dane Caesar and husky Jake, but especially with our mascots (Ringo and Kitty);

- they accepted our challenge to make a video of everything they filmed and posed today. The winning video will be posted on our website and Facebook pages.

Thank you once again for participating and we invite you to support our actions to keep our streets safe from stray puppies and provide adoption opportunities to some of the most helpless beings!

The children have accepted the invitation to a future activity. 😍

Follow our actions on our pages!

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