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Sanctuary Ringo Land


We are building the largest private shelter in North-East Romania

Abandoned on the streets or in public shelters, dogs, proven to be men's best friend, often have absolutely no chance of survival.

Sanctuary Ringo Land will be HOME, a dream come true for hundreds of dogs and cats. A shelter that will cover an area of 2 hectares and will have covered paddocks for dogs, open areas for walking, playing and training, a swimming pool, a veterinary clinic, a quarantine and recovery area for sick dogs.

Additionally, we will have an office space, facilities for animal caretakers, areas to receive volunteers and organize various activities with dogs and for dogs.

A project that means a real chance for abandoned cats & dogs

In the long run, this project will have a huge impact on the lives of stray animals. We want to rescue as many dogs and cats as possible, give them a safe and protective home, professional veterinary care and, most important, a real chance of adoption. Sanctuary Ringo Land will be a temporary home for all these furry friends who come into our care until they reach the adoptive family.

No Limit Pets Organization - 6 years of involvement, rescued lives and over a thousand success stories

We have been active since 2018 and involved in the community, rescuing, and changing the lives of thousands of animals for the better. We have witnessed thousands of success stories that motivate us to keep fighting to find a loving family for every dog or cat that comes to our shelter.

We are proud of our accomplishments, share them with joy, and thank all of our sponsors and supporters:

  • Over 200 dogs rescued from the streets

  • Over 1300 dogs rescued from public shelters

  • Over 1000 dogs placed for adoption in Romania and abroad: Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, England, France, Austria, Switzerland

  • Over 50 cats rescued and placed for adoption in Romania and abroad

Every day dedicated to a noble cause

  • Saving abandoned animals

We are constantly rescuing dogs and cats forgotten in public shelters or abandoned in the streets. We respond to requests from members of the community and help animals find a family to care for and love them.

  • We advocate for animal rights

We care about animals who are tormented, abused and mistreated. We take action every time we hear or we are informed of animal rights violations and we do everything we can to step in and change their lives for the better.

We are well aware of the needs of stray cats and dogs, of the serious problems faced by public shelters, and of the fact that much of the population lacks a real knowledge of animal protection laws.

  • We shelter animals

We shelter hundreds of stray animals, often rescued from euthanasia in public shelters. From the moment we find them abandoned or they are brought to our shelter until they reach their adoptive families, we treat and care for them.

  • Behavioural rehabilitation programme

Recovering from trauma is essential for dogs’ adaptation within a family. Our dedicated trainers work daily with dogs in need of behavioural rehabilitation. For some dogs, the work of our colleagues has paid off after months of not accepting being touched, stroked or fearing any other human interaction. 

  • Promoting animals for a real chance of adoption

We spend a lot of time and attention doing photo and video shoots to promote the animals for adoption on our social media pages. Through these promotional campaigns we increase the chances of adoption and therefore give dogs and cats a better life within a loving family.

Be a founder of Sanctuary Ringo Land! Donate to the animal shelter

Your donation can change the life of an animal friend forever

How can you help?

To complete the new shelter, we need financial support from everyone who understands the suffering of helpless animals. Step by step we can build together a better world for them and for all of us.

We can also use building materials: materials for the shelter and its annexes and various materials for the finishing work.

What other current expenses do we need financial support for?

  • Food, paddocks, dog houses

  • Clinic, treatment, vaccines

  • Training, baskets & beds

Where and how can you donate? Choose one of the donation options

Any support from you helps us to continue the projects we believe in. Below you can find the donation options, choose the one that suits best you and support our cause:

  • Directly on our website, go to the Donate page: and you can contribute any amount by donating one time or choosing a monthly donation.

  • By PayPal to

  • By bank transfer to the Organization’s account, opened at Alpha Bank Romania:

RO47BUCU2331304248760EUR (EURO account)

Contact us by email for more details:


Support the projects of our Organization! Become a member of our community

Keep up to date with news about us and current projects:

Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube.


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