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Skin & bones when they arrived in Ringo Land, saved from kill shelter Alexandria

Ivy, Marta and Anna

On November 10, 2023, Ringo Land welcomed three tormented souls under its roof: Ivy, Marta, and Anna. They came to us skin and bones, bearing the weight of a past filled with suffering from the so-called "shelter of horror" in Alexandria. Described as the "skeletons from Alexandria," their emaciated condition and sad eyes revealed the deep pain and severe neglect they had endured.

Ivy, Marta, and Anna underwent a difficult process of physical rehabilitation, gradually recovering and regaining their lost strength. However, the greatest challenge was emotional rehabilitation. Forgetting the suffering and traumas endured in the "shelter of horror" was a long and arduous process. Every sudden sound or unexpected movement reminded them of the days of terror. Even to this day, the emotional scars are evident. They were together in the shelter of horror and are now inseparable in the same pen, where they comfort each other and feel safe when they are together. Ivy, with her moments of withdrawal and constant fear, finds security in the presence of her friends. Marta, though more confident than the other two, offers them calm and confidence to open up more. Anna shelters close to Ivy and Marta, finding comfort and safety in their presence.

Ringo Land has become not only a refuge but also a place of rebirth for Ivy, Marta, and Anna. Now, at seven months since their arrival, the progress is remarkable. They are starting to have a sparkle in their eyes, and their physical condition is very good. Recently, all three of them joined our behavioral rehabilitation program for dogs with issues caused by past traumas. This program provides them with the circumstances needed to learn to trust people and their surroundings again.

Their bond of friendship not only brought them comfort and safety in tough times but also provided them with the strength and courage needed to face the rehabilitation process. Marta, being the most confident, played a role of a support dog for the other two. Anna timidly followed her example, and together they managed to open up enough to be petted, leash-trained, and led to the specially designed training area, where they now also enjoy the company of other dogs and cats. However, with Ivy, the process is much harder. She accepts being petted but still refuses the leash and leaving the pen. But we won't give up; we know that with patience and care, she will eventually overcome the anxiety caused by past traumas.

In light of these challenges and successes, their extraordinary story reminds us of the incredible power of friendship and mutual encouragement, as well as the proper attention and care offered day by day. No longer enduring hunger and thirst, no longer subjected to mistreatment, no longer left abandoned in a corner of a shelter. With patience, love, and trust, they have learned to overcome their past traumas, realizing that the abuses experienced in the Alexandria shelter will not be repeated here. From the "3 skeletons," under the attentive care of the Ringo Land team, they have transformed into three beautiful young ladies, ready to find their perfect families! Thank you to the rescuers who decided to save them from the public shelter and place them with us, thank you to the trainers who are taking care of their rehabilitation! Together, we have changed the destinies of Ivy, Marta, and Anna!

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