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Celebrating a Pawsome Moment!

Today marks another special day at Ringoland as three incredible cats and three adorable dogs have found their forever homes! Our hearts are bursting with joy as these furry friends embark on new adventures with their loving families.

The journey from shelter life to forever homes is nothing short of magical. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the amazing families who opened their hearts and homes to these lovable pets and to the sponsors who help us so much: Ramona Höppner-kraft, Kerstin Bock, Gaby Schwab and her team, Kar Ma. Your compassion and kindness have made a world of difference!

Let's take a moment to celebrate the power of adoption and the incredible bond that forms between pets and their humans. Remember, every adoption is not just a new beginning for the pets but also a life-changing experience for the families who welcome them.


Share your adoption stories and photos in the comments below! Let's spread the love and inspire others to consider adoption as the first choice when adding a furry friend to their family.

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission to give every pet a chance at a happy and loving home. Here's to many more happy tales and wagging tails!

Irina and a cat
Raluca and a dog
Irina and a cat
Andreea and a dog
Irina and a cat
Diana and a dog
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