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Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

Today marked a joyous yet bittersweet day at the Ringo Land as several furry companions bid farewell to their shelter life and embarked on exciting journeys to their forever homes.

As Ringo's radiant rescues embark on this thrilling journey, the shelter extends heartfelt gratitude to the community for their unwavering support. From nose-to-nose encounters to wagging tails of encouragement, the community has played a pivotal role in making these heartwarming adoptions a reality.

We wish you a good life: Malina, Annie, Bonita, Manuka, Max, Ruby, Dana, Finja, Simba

Join us in the magical journey of adoption! Visit Ringo Land, meet our charming residents, and discover the unconditional love that only a shelter pet can provide.

Adopting from Ringo Land not only brings joy to your home but also saves a life. Our furry residents have unique stories, each filled with resilience, hope, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you sponsors: Andrea Sulzbach, Nathalie Zech, Maya Tula, Ralf Bettinger, Sabine Kierbisser.

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