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Success stories and testimonials

You can't buy love, but you can rescue it.

Testimony - Georgie

We are overjoyed that we trusted our intuition and opted for our fluffy heartbreaker, even though we actually knew nothing about him. Former "Georgie" mastered the acclimatization process with great courage and an unconditional willingness to get involved with a new team. Since then, he has been curiously exploring the world, loves snow, sand and mountains, and enjoys romping around as much as cuddling in the evening. He is a great companion, whether for sports, on vacation or with friends, and if need be, he will also wait relaxedly at home alone - after all, there is nothing left for him to be afraid of. If we had ever had a dream dog, this would have been it. Based on our experience, we would recommend anyone to choose a small personality from animal welfare. In our view, love of animals and the reprehensible practices of breeding and the animal trade are incompatible, and even if we cannot change the world with our decision - we have certainly done so for "Georgie", and at the same time won a wonderful companion. J&S

Shiwa before and after adoption

Shiwa is a radiant dog, she was rescued by us from a public shelter; now she is happy in her new family.

Archie before and after adoption

Archie - cutest, most playful and cuddly dog has found a happy family by help of Stille Pfoten e.V. His radiant smile will make many people equally happy at his sight. 

Micky before and after adoption

Micky - in Ringo Land we taught Micky to give hugs - now he will give hugs  to his new family in Germany. Thank you Heike Huseni for all the help!

Mocca before and after adoption

Sweet, calm MOCCA found a happy family through Tötungshunde-Wir wollen leben. His sleep will be filled with happy dreams from now on.

Alina before and after adoption

ALINA (rescued from Roman PS) - cutest, most energetic girl. Ricarda and Heike have showed us in photos how much she likes chewing on beds and pillows.

Amy before and after adoption

AMY - was just a 3 months' old puppy when she was saved by Ricarda with her 5 siblings and mother. They are all now adopted.

Arima before and after adoption

ARIMA - has blossomed in her new house. Supported by Lada, she underwent behavioural rehabilitation in Ringo Land Romania and was ready for adoption in October 2023. 

Balou before and after adoption

BALOU - at first we all felt so sorry for old Balou saved from Roman PS for being so anxious and uncommunicative. Fully medically and behaviourally rehabilitated, he now has a loving family to care for him permanently. 

Farina before and after adoption

FARINA - playful but gentle girl, is now children's bests friend in a loving family (Amy's sister).

Lenny before and after adoption

LENNY - saved from Moinesti PS by Silvia; we feared Lenny's poor health might not allow him to find a family. But support from the sponsor and care from our medical team allowed him to travel in only 1 month from the rescue. 

Thanos before and after adoption

THANOS - he chose his destiny with the sponsor; Thanos 
(now Timmi) has started a new life with Lada. A new name, a new  caregiver, a new life.

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