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The wonders of behavioural rehabilitation programme

In RingoLand the second chance does exist, and it is in the form of a behavioural rehabilitation programme.


Ringo Land training programme did wonders for dogs rescued from kill shelters. Dogs abused in the streets by other dogs or having gone through the trauma of dog catching and life in a public shelter, need this kind of behavioural rehabilitation to be able to become adoptable.

Our team is ready to completely transform a dog that comes to our shelter, giving it a chance to heal, learn to trust and have a better chance of being adopted.


We have 3 trainers:

1) Level 1 - Andreea (experienced/senior trainer) - she works with difficult/scared/anxious/aggressive dogs - rehabilitation and training programme;

2) Level 2 - Diana (junior trainer) - for more calm/cooperating, but still very anxious dogs - basic training programme.

3) Level 3 - Raluca (beginner trainer) - for walking/socializing (dogs that have finished training and continue a socializing programme).

Our 2nd and 3rd level trainer can also work for level 1.


Behind every video posted on our page of dogs in training are dozens of hours of hard work:

- a trainer’s patience

- a trainer’s frozen fingers and toes

- a trainer’s back pain from carrying him when he would not walk

- a trainer’s intelligence in diversifying techniques in approaching him

- a trainer’s ambition in succeeding in making overcome first fears

- a trainer’s races in taking a new leash because the first was gnawed

- a trainer’s preparation of treats

- a trainer’s balancing softness and firmness

A trainer’s LOVE! And so much more…..


Clear proof that this program is effective is the number of dogs adopted following the training program:

Frieda - completed the training programme with Diana

Mila - completed the training programme with Raluca

Lilly - completed the training programme with Raluca

Nacho - completed the training programme with Diana

Pepe - completed the training programme with Raluca

Max - completed the training programme with Andreea

Look what these dogs were like when they first came to RingoLand.... and now, in their home, happy, thanks to our trainer! A big thank you to the girls who put all their effort and love into trying to heal and rehabilitate these dogs!We want all the dogs that come to RingoLand to be part of this program that works wonders and that we can give them a second chance at a happy life!

A big thank you also to every sponsor who has made financial efforts for the dogs so that they can have this program! We are deeply grateful for our collaboration!




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