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We laugh, we cry...

Confession time or days of our lives in Ringo Land Romania - we laugh, we cry..., we cry, we laugh...

We laugh because we rescued more dogs from the kills list, we cry because we cannot save them all from the diseases they got in the public shelter (Socco). DANKE Maya Tula & Barbara Nemeth-Heil.

We laugh because we have miraculously rehabilitated a dog behaviourally in our training programme, we cry because she lost the battle with a twisted colon (Cherish) THANKS Jackie Murray.

We laugh because we have saved a chow chow from a public shelter, we cry because she was too weak to survive (Yoko) DANKE Andrea Sulzbach.

We cry because Boris has been almost 2 years in our shelter, we laugh because he has finally found a home DANKE Mi Pink

We cry because Coraline has reached our shelter with 3 legs after an accident, we laugh because she has found an adopter DANKE Heike Huseni & Benita Werner-Wilhelms.

We cry because Nikita was born in our shelter as her mother came pregnant in Ringo Land, we laugh that Nikita dynamita has found a home DANKE Pawfect dogs looking for pawfect furever homes.

We cry that Bobby was thrown in the streets by his owners, we laugh that Gaby Schwab and Stille Pftoten team (Streuner suchen Glück) have found a home for him.

We cry that Yahzi was brought to us carrying 6 pups, we are glad that mom and 3 pups have found a home DANKE Sabine Kierbisser.

We cry that she was not spayed in time and that Zeina gave birth to 6 pups, we laugh that a family of 7 have now found adopters thanks to Ricarda Heddergott.

We cry that Konny was blind in one eye, we laugh that Claudia Matthäs rescued him.

We cry that Bijou had one leg amputated, we laugh because she got adopted DANKE Andrea Sulzbach.

We cry that public shelters kill, we laugh that Kar Ma and the generous sponsors she gathers rescue by the hundreds.

We cry that Millow has a scar around his neck from the chain he was tied with, we laugh because Susanne Hoch & Ralf Bettinger found a home for him.

We cry that Sica was abandoned, but we laugh that the dog that wagged her tail even when the vet was drawing blood on her, is now a therapy dog DANKE Susanne Andrea Meyer.

We cry because Tari was abandoned by sponsor, we laugh because Sylvia Kaufmann has supported his training and Tari is now is ready for adoption.

We cry that Jenny had never known a caress, we laugh that now, thanks to Christina Schmidt and Perros de la luz e.V. - Rumänien, she has a home.

We cry that Buck had lost all hope in humans, we laugh that Daniela Castello brought in Ringo Land for training and he now enjoys the love of a family.

We cry because more than 40 cats in Ringo do not have sponors, we laugh that Kerstin Bock helped the adoption of 4 and Ramona Höppner-kraft helped the adoption of 6.

We cry that Tom & Jerry were abandoned near our shelter, we laugh that they are now in loving families DANKE Sibylle Samrowski, respectively Daniela Bill.

We cry that Princess and Yoshi were dream dogs that reached a public shelter, we laugh that Lada Mahr, respectively Sandra Ehrhardt mediated their adoptions and they are now making a dream come true for loving families.

We cry because Ringo Land has to move after the villagers signed a petition to have us relocated, we laugh because Ringo Land 2 will provide even better conditions for rescued dogs.

Only a few stories... only a few thanks (TO BE CONTINUED...)

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