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We’re Ringo Land Romania

Ringo Land Romania's goal is to provide a new home and a chance for a good life to stray cats and dogs and those from public shelters in Romania until they are adopted.

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Any amount, no matter how small, means a lot to us. It is not only money, but also support and encouragement to continue our work.

Thank you!


Anyone can help, even if they have no experience in the field or medical knowledge.

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Ringo land Romania
About us

     First of all, Ringo Land Romania’s purpose is to offer a new home and a chance to a good life to the stray cats and dogs and those from the public shelters of Romania. Hence, with the help of all our sponsors from around the world, in 2021 we have managed to have a private shelter, where we foster over 400 dogs. The dogs here are getting prepared for a brand-new life and a new family in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark etc.

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