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About Our Organization
Ringo Land Romania

      Over 10 years ago, Florin rescued a dog from the streets and named him Ringo. The dog was hit by a car and was not able to walk. Although in a very bad shape, Ringo was strong enough and he recovered completely. For Florin, that was only the start of his journey in animal welfare.

Eu, copiii mei si Ringo

     He started saving abandoned dogs in the comfort of his own home, but he always worked towards being able to have more space for the dogs. That is why Florin looked for the opportunity to develop a private shelter. He first started his authorized pet transport company and, using what profit he made from there, he started investing in a place where dogs could live 24/7. This happened in 2017, when the foster first opened. Today, this is the place where many, many dogs call home. Some of them are sponsored by friends abroad, from Romania or by Florin himself.

Ringo Land Romania

     Above all else, at Ringo Land Romania our focus is on saving and improving the lives of animals. This commitment can be found in everything we do — from advocacy and education to rescue and rehabilitation efforts. After years of work, we saved over 1500 pets from private shelters and from the streets, with the help of our friends. Thanks to their donations, now our shelter can provide very good conditions for all dogs and cats that are in our care. And we always work to improve the conditions for the animals. It’s not easy, because sometimes we struggle for food and other expenses, but being able to make the lives of so many abandoned pets better, makes it worthwhile!

adoption a dog

Our work

     First of all, Ringo Land Romania’s purpose is to offer a new home and a chance to a good life to the stray cats and dogs and those from the public shelters of Romania. Hence, with the help of all our sponsors from around the world, in 2021 we have managed to have a private shelter, where we foster over 400 dogs. The dogs here are getting prepared for a brand-new life and a new family in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark etc.

The team

Our team has been growing every year, since we started. Now we have reached the number of 20. Every single one of us does their job with compassion and determination towards every soul that is under our supervision.

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