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No Limit Pets Association from Bacau inaugurates the first project of the year 2024, "Feed a soul!"

The No Limit Pets Association of Bacau inaugurates the first project of the year 2024, "Feed a soul!", by donating 2150 kg of dry food to the Public Shelter of Bacau on January 19, 2024.
Thanks to a generous gesture from the sponsor Foundation Dierennood, we were able to bring this impressive donation to the beneficiary of the project, namely the Bacău City Hall, with the aim of supporting the authorities' efforts to care for the hundreds of dogs currently in the shelter.

"We are delighted to be able to contribute dog food, given the difficulties the authorities face in managing so many animals. We, whenever we can, come to the support of the local community and the authorities. We try to rescue as many dogs as we can, but our shelter is also full at the moment, and for those that we cannot help directly, we try to come to their aid through such events. We want to give them a better and easier life. Today is just the beginning of the 'Feed a Soul!' project we have prepared for 2024. We have many surprises in store for this year, and it is only by working closely with our volunteers, sponsors and local authorities that we will be able to improve conditions for these suffering souls. Our main goal for 2024 is to open a new shelter to save more souls. We are currently collecting the necessary funds to continue the construction", says Constantin Florin Suciu, president of the No Limit Pets Association.

No Limit Pets Association is a non-governmental organization in Bacau, dedicated to the rescue and care of stray dogs and cats. Currently, the Association cares for over 500 dogs and 40 cats, offering them shelter, care and love. The No Limit Pets Association was founded in 2018 with the aim of intervening and providing support to animals abandoned for various reasons. "Our main mission is to save, care for and improve the lives of these innocent souls" concludes Constantin Florin Suciu, president. With a well-equipped shelter and dedicated staff, No Limit Pets Association provides a safe and loving environment for dogs and cats in their care.

The association encourages responsible adoptions, offering our animals for adoption only after careful evaluation of potential adopters. Through this process, we ensure that each animal finds a loving and dedicated family, and the new homes become happy homes for these innocent souls.

We at the Association believe in the importance of educating and raising community awareness about animal rights. We organize events and campaigns to inform and involve the community in supporting our efforts. Working with dedicated volunteers, generous sponsors and building local partnerships is key to our success. Together, we work to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals!

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