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Kerstin Bock's Holiday Joy for Shelter Cats

Constant Supporter Extends Love for Cats to No Limit Pets, Bringing Joy to Furry Friends

In a heartwarming gesture this Christmas season, Kerstin Bock, a devoted supporter of Ringo Land, has once again demonstrated her unwavering commitment to feline welfare. Known for her passion for cats and continuous support for Ringo Land, Kerstin Bock has now extended her love to the furry inhabitants of Organization No Limit Pets, ensuring they receive the holiday cheer they deserve.


This Christmas, the cats under the care of both Ringo Land and Organization No Limit Pets received an unexpected and delightful surprise—a pampering gift from none other than Kerstin Bock herself. Understanding the importance of play and stimulation in a cat's life, Kerstin Bock curated a special selection of toys and treats to bring joy and excitement to the furry residents.

Ringo Land and Organization No Limit Pets expressed their gratitude for Kerstin Bock's continuous support, acknowledging that her contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of the cats they care for. As the holiday season approaches, the organizations are hopeful that Kerstin Bock's example will inspire others to contribute to the well-being of animals in need.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that the spirit of giving extends beyond human connections and that, sometimes, the most profound expressions of kindness come from those who advocate for the voiceless—our beloved four-legged friends.


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