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Three Lucky Felines: Rescued and Adopted

Happy Cats Bring Smiles to Elderly Friends in Germany

Three cats were saved by our shelter, and now they've found loving homes with elderly folks in Germany. These cute cats are part of a special program to spend time with the older residents every day, making their days brighter.

We have a testimony from our sponsor, Ramona Hoppner-kraft: "They are all three great! They play, cuddle and purr and are always hungry. The tomcat is still a little reserved, but the two girls lie across the desk and let each other be scratched. Everything is great! Our nurses are the best in taking care of people and animals. The siblings explore the world and get to know our cat Kowi. This seems to be a good relationship. They have already grown quite a bit and bring a lot of fun and funny moments. They haven't met Maggie and Sky yet, this meeting will take place next week. They fit us and our care facility very well. We are already looking forward to spring when they run through the garden together!"

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