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How 4 destinies are united by one sponsor in one programme

LINUS (smiley face), HUGO  (the majestic one), TARI (chocolate nose and tassle ear), and LOLA (the shiniest, most well-behaved black girl) are all united in Ringo Land training programme by support of Sylvia Kaufmann.

Mrs. Sylvia Kaufmann has been the co-sponsor of Linus since January 2023 and once she became acquainted with our behavioural rehabilitation programme, she immediately jumped on board to support gradually more dogs. And this because she understood that such anxious, scared dogs could only be placed successfully in prospect adopters' homes if they were taught to accept human touch again, to accept males presence (after having been traumatized by male dog catchers), to learn friendly interaction with other dogs and to walk on a leash.

But it is not necessarily this rational trajectory that Mrs. Kaufmann envisaged when she chose to help, but the emotional sight  of some of these dogs that trembled with fear, peed out of fear or tried to bite for the same reason.

Linus seemed to have lost trust in humans, Hugo always growled and showed his teeth (we could not take a decent photo of him to promote him), Lola was so scared that she only crouched when walking, Tari retreated in the corner of his dog house (for some time we even called him Rita because we thought he wasva female).

When seeing them, Mrs. Sylvia Kaufmann understood that rescuing must not stop at taking a scared/anxious dog out of a kill shelter, but also help in making him adoptable. Thus, she solicited the help of our trainers. In turn, Andreea RingoLand, Diana RingoLand, Raluca RingoLand, Laura Ringo Land and Marinela Marin worked with the four beauties, but also with Tess (who has recently joined the programme) and with Ludwig and Simba who have "graduated" the programme and have found adopters.

The 4 dogs are all also veterans in the programme, they could show their good manners and love anytime in a household. They are just waiting for a chance to be seen.  

We are grateful  to such a generous, empathic and knowlegeable sponsor in animal welfare (who has always offered her counselling on various matters from graphics to fund raising) and hope to repay her by finding homes for all her sponsored dogs.

We have many other sponsors who have chosen to support behavioural rehabilitation or socialization sessions for dogs in Ringo Land and this helps a rescue end successfully in an adoption. We are deeply grateful to all of them!

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