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Smiles all around in our behavioural rehabilitation and socialization programme

We help dogs, sponsors help us and our dogs... But these dogs are sometimes so scared, shy, anxious or aggressive after the trauma experienced in kills shelters or the streets... This is how our behavioural rehabilitation programme was born: out of the sponsors' desire to prepare these dogs as best as possible for prospect adopters. Andreea RingoLand was the first brave person who, out of love for these poor souls, decided to stick her hand and heart in their dog houses despite growling and grinned teeth.

Currently, our behavioral rehabilitation programme hosts 106 doggies, simultaneously in our programmes assisted by the most talented and dedicated trainers: Raluca RingoLand, Diana RingoLand, Laura RingoLand and Julian RingoLand. Two years ago, when we started with small steps the rehabilitation programme, we didn't think and didn't dare to dream that it could develop and evolve so much. Today, we watch with pride as hundreds of destinies have been changed thanks to this programme. More than 200 dogs have left after having "graduated" our rehabilitation programme.

We have reached this achievement because our sponsors have understood how important it is for the dog to be prepared for life in a family, to be confident, well-behaved, to be able to adapt easily. Behind all the videos of dogs obeying the trainers' commands, smiling and jumping happily, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of hard work that only our trainers know about. To achieve these absolutely marvelous results, they put themselves in difficult, sometimes even dangerous situations, just to get close to them, to bond with the dogs and to start the process of healing their trauma.

The numerous adoptions of our graduates are living proof that destinies can be changed - even the most unadoptable dogs, with the right care, can be rescued and placed with loving families. Today, as we look back at our humble beginnings, we are overwhelmed with pride and gratitude. We have demonstrated that through love, dedication, and hard work, any dream can become a reality. Ringo Land has become a place where hope is reborn, where dogs learn to trust again, and where families find loyal and loving friends.

We have three training areas in Ringo: two of these areas are enclosed areas with kennels and each of them with its own very large courtyard where trainers allow all dogs to play and socialize each morning. Some other times you see photos from the very green area (a third training area) - where all trainers meet to socialize with their dogs. And some other times you get photos from the dogs' kennels where they live permanently - that is why the different frames.

As for the training/walking/socialization areas - because we have understood that more and more dogs need to walk and socialize, we have chosen to use the bit of land where we had some goji planted from 2 years ago and to transform it in walking grounds to allow more and more dogs to spend time with our trainers and volunteers. So, thank all sponsors once again for supporting our behavioural rehabilitation and socialization programme which is vital for healthy dogs. Thank you for your support! Please, engage with your doggies in our programme to increase their chances for adoption.

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