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ONIRO - from past trauma to present happiness

Oniro's story is a really special one, very disturbing, emotional, but with a happy ending! Oniro spent 6 long years in a public shelter, where who knows what he went through. One of his rescuers told us that the caretaker was the only one who could go to him and bring him food, and even with him he was aggressive. After a lot of back and forth, he managed to escape from there and then he was placed in a private shelte. Because he was supposedly so aggressive, he was kept in a cage and was supposed to be tamed with slaughterhouse waste. It was said that this was the only way to conquer aggressive dogs. After a while, he was allowed to leave his prison and finally be with the other dogs. In RECS he was described as "the crazy one" and they called him all kinds of ugly names...

Then, earlier this year in January, through the support of 5 sponsors, he was brought to Ringo Land. We can't forget the look on his face... he was a hopeless dog, with an aggressive attitude both towards us and other dogs so he was moved alone in the kennel....the aggression that was caused by the fear and trauma he had endured for so many years...

With the help of his sponsors, he entered our behavioral rehabilitation program that we have been offering in Ringo Land for over 2,5 years, and together with Diana, they started a long and difficult process.

Diana's approach to Oniro was not an easy task, but he finally accepted to be touched and caressed, at first very little, then he also accepted to be held. The next step was to be leashed, another quite challenging step. The fear he had previously acquired in the public shelter prevented him from completely trusting Diana.

In the first months of training you could see how afraid he was to trust people. And in his eyes, although there was a glimmer of hope, his gaze was still filled with fear and sadness... Diana and the whole team tried to involve him in various activities, to open him up, he participated in both March 8 and Easter activities.

As in any slow and difficult process, he had moments of success but also moments when he returned to his previous state, as if he could not allow himself to be happy, as if, at any moment, this happiness could have been taken away from him.

But something has changed. After months of effort, Oniro's attitude was getting better and better, and Diana saw him wagging his tail for the first time! The way he stood, walked and interacted with other dogs were getting better and better, and he was a more confident, happier dog.

A great help in his rehabilitation process was our sweet Bambi, who knew from the beginning how to interact with Oniro so that he would open up more. Oniro accepted her quite quickly, "love at first sight" we would say, and they became best friends.

Today, Oniro is truly a miracle dog! From "the crazy one" as he was labeled before his arrival in Ringo Land, to the most playful dog and not only with Bambi, but also with other dogs! His trainer, Diana, confesses that when Bambi isn't paying attention or isn't playing with him, Oniro grabs her legs in play just to warn her and urge her to play with him!

Can you believe it's the same dog? One of his sponsors says "Diana, in my eyes you have achieved a small miracle, turning a heap of misery into a happy, laughing dog boy"

Oniro showed us that the impossible does not exist, that no matter how scared, aggressive and traumatized a dog may be, with the right help, giving him time and space, always being there for him, he can turn into a dream dog! And Oniro really is a special dog, sweet and victorious! He overcame his past traumas, allowing himself to be happy in the present!

A big thank you to the sponsors who are there for him, thank you to our trainer Diana who guided and helped Oniro in this journey! Without these people, Oniro would never have known happiness!

Ringo Land Romania's dog behavioral rehabilitation program adds another success story to a long list of happy endings!

Oniro is ready for adoption and is excitedly waiting for his forever home!

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