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Ringo Land services - more than a shelter

Ringo Land is not just a shelter, No Limit Pets is not just an animal welfare NGO, and our team is not just a team!

Ringo Land is our shelter, built with a lot of effort and sacrifice, where dogs and cats enjoy a peaceful life until they find suitable families. No Limit Pets is the result of our years of hard work, of all the challenges we have successfully overcome, it is our soul and our identity. And our team, well...our team is the best!  The people of Ringo Land come to work with smiles on their faces, they dedicate all their time and all their skills, together for a common goal: the well being of our animals!

Over the years, we have improved our services so that we can offer the animals in our shelter the best conditions:

1. ADOPTION PREPARATION &TRANSPORT CONTACT - we will prepare all the documents and do all the necessary procedures in order for the dog to travel abroad; we can also suggest a few transport companies we collaborate with, but the final decision is always the sponsor's/adopter's decision.

 2. MEDICAL SERVICES INSIDE THE SHELTER - vaccinations, dewormings, treatments, these procedures will usually be performed in our shelter for any dog in need, by our own veterinary technician, thus reducing transport costs to the clinic; we are also visited weekly by our vets from the clinic we collaborate with, to check and supervise the dogs in need.

3. MEDICAL CHECK UP INSIDE THE SHELTER - from the ear to paw, our vet tech will perform a complete check-up of the dog, including videos and photos of the visit

4. MEDICAL VISITS AT THE CLINIC - in the more serious scenarios which can unfortunately happen sometimes, we will drive the dogs to the clinic in the city for more investigations and procedures - the clinic issues invoices and medical files for every dog admitted.

5. GROOMING & HAIRCUTS - our veterinary technician is also specialized in this field and he can do makeovers for unkept doggies

6. TRAINING & REHABILITATION PROGRAM WITH OUR 2 TRAINERS and 2 dog walkers- Diana and Raluca deal with dogs on different levels of anxiety and fear; the sessions include videos/photos of every session (1 hour long) in which you can clearly see the dog's progress.

7. INSIDE ACCOMODATION - the dogs who are more sensitive can be moved inside the recovery area or inside the hotel area; the number of places is limited though, so dogs will be admitted depending on the dog's condition, number of vacant places, time of request etc.

8. Free of charge ON LINE and SOCIAL MEDIA promotion - individual profiles on our website for dogs with their photos promotion videos alongside the dog's profile, done by our team to be uploaded on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok) and dog adoption specialized groups to boost up the adoption chances - the sponsor will be informed of all requests we receive this way; we promote dogs in more than 40 group dogs some of them with more than 50.000 members. Our Facebook pages have more than 20.000 followers combined.

9. Free of charge PHOTOSHOOTS - in order to provide materials for promotion, the dog will have a dedicated amount of time for some videos, photos and selfies.

10. Free of charge CAT/KID/CAR TESTS & DOG COMPATIBILITY TEST - in order to verify the requirements for the adoption, we will try to test the dogs in different scenarios to have a better view of his behaviour

11. RUNNING & PLAYING KENNELS - the dog will be taken outside, in the big kennel on our field for a session of running around and playing to blow off some steam and for some happy tail waggings; we want to expand the area with another 2 or 3 big kennels besides the one we already have.

12. Answering the sponsors' questions within a 24-hour time frame by our team in the office.

All this would not have been possible without the constant support of our sponsors, whom we thank! We continue to improve our work, to be better every day, for all animals!They deserve everything and more!

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